Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Photo Credit: Lipton Sale (Creative Commons)

Thank you to those who served and sacrificed your lives for our country.
Your deaths matters and we salute you - and not just today, but every day.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Read YA: The Book that Changed My Life

What is the book that got you into YA?

I talk a bit here about my love for Princess Mia and the Princess Diaries series on the YALSA Hub Blog but what I didn't say was that reading these books changed my life. I was in graduate school at the time to become a Librarian. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do or what road I would travel on.

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
Then I devoured this book and it hit me. This series was so fun, so addictive, so funny that I wanted to become a YA Librarian so I could share this book and other amazing books with teen readers.
I've consumed and talked about so many books since, but the Princess Diaries series will always hold a very special place in my heart for the way they changed me.

I"m super excited about the new book, Royal Wedding, so I'm re-reading the entire series again.
 It's just a great the first time around.
Royal Wedding (The Princess Diaries, #11)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Villains/Criminals/Other Nasties

This week's topic is a REWIND - which is great because it allows me to explore topics previously to my joining in on the fun. So I'm choosing to talk about the not so nice characters - because as a reader, I long to hate the bad guys/girls and always root for them to fail.

From Harry Potter:
Obviously Voldemort makes the first but finishing a close second is Dolores Umbridge

From Bloodlines
Sydney Sage's father 

From Throne of Glass:
King of Adarlan and Arobynn Hamel

From Anne of Green Gables
Josie Pye and Jen Pringle 

From Sense and Sensibility
Lucy Steele 

From Poison Study

From the Game of Thrones
Cersei Lannister

Tween Tuesday Review: Beauty Queen

 * Book 7 in the Whatever After series *
Abby has a jealousy problem over her aunt work. After she accidentally-on-purpose ruins Penny's painting, she thinks she's a monster.

When Abby and Jonah get sucked into Beauty and the Beast's story, she's not surprised. She and her brother enter the garden, accidentally taking the place of Belle's father in the story. Trying to save her brother, Abby goes into town to locate Belle.

Belle, the town do-gooder, immediately agrees to help out. She returns with Abby to the castle. Abby must find a way to get the story back on track but Belle and the Beast are just not cooperating. You think they'd recognize true love when they see it.
My Thoughts: I really love this series - and I needed it after the cliff-hanger from the last book! I love how that part of the series was resolved and even more curious about the outcome.

To me this one is all about the characters and their interactions.
I really loved Jonah and the Beast hanging out and playing games. I loved the moments with the Beast cooking and talking about food. I even like how Beast feels like a monster and how Abby understands what he's feeling. I love Belle trying to find the right book for Jonah and hooking him on reading. I really like the cheese shop and Freckles. I loved the moments between Freckles and the Beast. 

Cover Thoughts: Super cute!
Source: Sent

Final Thoughts: If you're a fairy tale lover who hasn't read this series, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a copy of these books! You won't regret it!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Read YA becuase...

It's amazingly good.
Here's a post I wrote a few years back for the Teen Librarian Toolbox blog.

There are lots of reasons why I love about YA books, but the biggest is the first moments.Teen years are the biggest moments for firsts – first kiss, first love, and first heartbreak.

Monday Matinee: Bing Crosby Rediscovered

I didn't know much about Bing Crosby with the exception of the movie White Christmas, which I watched a lot as a kid (especially in July when it was really hot). I was happy to learn a few more things about him and I learned a lot.

1. He was HUGE in Radio
2. He helped out females who needed a boost in their career (for example Judy Garland and Rosemary Clooney after an unsuccessful suicide attempt and an emotional breakdown)
3. He won Best Actor Oscar in 1954  for his role as a Catholic priest in Going My Way
4. He wanted to start recording his radio show instead of live shows, so he put money behind the technology and helped it succeed.
5. He was named the person who did the most for GI morale in WWII 
6. He and Bob Hope did tons of movies together
6. He had great comedic timing, which worked out well for his movies
7. He sang in a variety of musical genres
8. He demanded that Louis Armstrong be also given top billing for their movie together in 1936
9. White Christmas remains the best-selling single of all time
10. He died after playing a round of golf from a heart attack - and he played well.

After viewing this documentary, I'm going to watch more of his movies and listen to more of his songs. I liked the clips of performances and the interviews with people from his life. It was a fascinating piece to watch. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Upcoming Review: Jesse's Girl

Maya longs to become a musician in her own right. After the disaster at the talent show and getting kicked out of her own band, she’s ready to throw in the towel.

She still has to get through Career Shadow Day where she will be paired with country superstar Jesse Scott. Their first meeting went terribly wrong. Jesse’s ego can barely fit through the door; it’s clear he’d rather be anywhere but spending time with her.

Still, she gives it her best shot. Before long, defenses are broken down on both sides. What starts off as a nightmare could turn into a daydream. Can they help each other achieve their dreams?

My Thoughts: 
I Love Miranda Kenneally's book and this one is no different. I love that it branches out from sports books to a book about music and chasing your dreams.

I admit that I wasn't a huge fan of Jesse's at first, but he obviously won me over. I felt horrible for him and his family life. He had a terrible struggle with them and yet he is willing to throw away his happiness to keep his family close. It's admirable.

I really liked Maya - like Kenneally's other characters - she's strong, determined, and she has a dream. I liked watching her chase her dream to turn it into reality.

I loved the day they shared together and the outcomes from that day. 

Also I loved seeing favorite character again - like Jordan!

Cover Thoughts: Adorable
Source: Reviewed for VOYA magazine (review for blog is different)
Cover Quote: Don't you just love that quote on the cover - I wrote it in my VOYA review.
Release Date: July 7th
Final Thoughts: Jesse’s Girl is the perfect summer novel hitting all the right notes. Add this to your TBR pile - right near the top!